Harrisons Moving And Storeage - Harrisons Moving and Storage in Hampton infested my things with bed bugs

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I moved with Harrisons Moving and storage in Hampton, VA and while my goods were on the truck, wrapped in their moving blankets, my furniture was infested with bedbugs.T Within 2 weeks after delivery me and my girls were biten alive while we slept, sat on our new furniture, and tried to enjoy our new home.After an inspection by Terminex, I contacted the mover, Harrisons, because the issue was only in the rooms where we had our stuff placed.

The home was new before we moved in. The inspector said it had to have happened during the move. The move blankets were infested from a prior move.

Harrisons said it was not their problem and I had to deal with it on my own.

Review about: Moving Service.

Harrisons Moving And Storeage - Harrisons Moving and Storage Chesapeake VA

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BEWARE DO NOT USE Harrison's The sales specialist underestimated (maybe on purpose) my contents by almost 50%.They waited until after they had all my contents before they notified me.

I had a choice to either pay $150 a day for storage or accelerate our move.

When I protested they refused to take my credit card, contrary to what was previously agreed to, then after I rushed to the bank to get a certified check.....only to find they wanted additional funds.In my opinion, classic bate and switch, and held my possessions until ransom was paid.

DO NOT believe BBB report..

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